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Testimonial from a 2011 Mission Volunteer
The most inspiring trip I have ever taken. Joining the team for the first time, I wasn’t sure of what to expect and quite honestly was nervous from the moment I stepped into the hospital grounds. Seeing the sea of people waiting to be seen, it was evident that so many Cambodian people have limited access to basic eyecare. Ranging from babies to 92-year-olds, the range of eye conditions that we saw in their eyes far outweighed those that we see in Australia, both in severity and frequency. Of the 650+ patients, the optometry team saw many eyes with cataracts, eye infections, traumatic injuries, and even just those who simply needed a pair of glasses.
In many cases, patients wanted to see properly to cook their food, harvest their rice, see their children and grandchildren, to read… yet before coming to see us, they simply could not afford any eyecare services. For those patients who required cataract surgery, the operation was done free of charge. Removing their bandages on the following day after surgery, the majority of these patients experienced a dramatic improvement in their vision, and the smiles that we saw from these faces were priceless. For others who were ineligible for surgery, we provided glasses, sunglasses and eyedrops that were also free of charge.
I learnt so much from this trip that will help me improve my skills as an optometrist and I have the entire team to thank for this. Reading about eye conditions and surgeries will never be as valuable as being able to experience it all first-hand. I also learnt so much about Cambodia’s rich culture, as well as their grave history. They experienced so much adversity through the decades, yet they’re such strong individuals and I’m thankful that along with the team, I had a chance to help them improve their quality of life through the gift of sight.

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