About Us

Check Ming Ly (Chairman)

Ming is one of the founders of Cambodia Vision. He was born and raised in Cambodia. During the Khmer rouge regime he was displaced and migrated to New Zealand before settling in Sydney,Australia. Witnessing the suffering in his motherland , Ming works unconditionally to help create a better quality of life for Cambodians

Peter Wong

Dr Wong is a General Practitioner and former NSW member of parliament who was born in China and raised in Indonesia. His father being a doctor was also involved in numerous volunteer programs, sparking Peters legacy to dedicate his life also to reaching out to the poor.
Additionally, Dr Wong is the co-founder of China Vision. In the 13 years of establishment, they have already helped over 4000 people address medical needs and blindness intervention programs.
It is his philosophy “in giving that we have received” that has allowed Dr Wong to be awarded Australian medal A.M. in 1996 for his community works.

Dr. Tung Bui

Dr Van Tung Bui is an Anaesthetic doctor working at Liverpool Hospital, Sydney. WIth over 10 years experience, Dr Bui has worked overseas on many missions. He has found passion in combining his interest in travel and photography with humanitarian work.
Having experienced the deprivations and displacement of being a refugee over 30 years ago, Dr Bui is humbled by the value of aid work to the disadvantaged.

Thida Yang

Thida is the NSW Public Relations Officer who was born in Cambodia and arrived with her family in Sydney as refugees. Since 1992, She has been involved in helping the Cambodian community ,and also been a founding member of the Salvation and Cambodian Culture Association of NSW. Thida’s wish is to give something back to her hometown.

Dr. Hoc Ku

Mr. Huynh graduated from UTS with a Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine. His expertise and professionalism in his field has earned in Order of Australia Medal in 1999.
Despite his busy lifestyle , Prof. Hoc Huynh enjoys volunteering and helping other fellow beings in need.

Eileen Betts

Eileen has been a Registered nurse since 1969 and has always been passionate about ophthalmic surgery.
As a child her father taught her to give to the less fortunate.
Over the years she has given her time to help a number of nurses to go overseas and was happy when Dr Ogane asked her to join the Cambodia team.
She has been with the team since 2007 who loves a challenge. Eileen has been responsible for corporate sponsorship to help supply equipment needed to make the trip to Cambodia possible. She has 2 boys and loves nature and the company of cows.

Barbara Morley

Barbara has been a theatre nurse since 1978 and has been involved in ophthalmic work for 16 years. She has 2 children and a husband and just enjoys helping anybody in need. Cambodia has been a fascination for Barbara as it allows her to be in contact with inspiring asian culture. There is no food that Barbara will not try!

Dr Chris Brown

Born in Sydney and educated at Campsie and Canterbury Boys’ High school, Chris graduated from Medicine in 1973. In his younger years, Chris was practicing medicine overseas whilst globe trotting. He underwent Ophthalmology training at Prince of Wales hospital between 1985 – 1989.
Since then, Chris has worked in private practice at Fairfield and is a consultant ophthalmogist at Liverpool hospital.
Chris is able to continue a busy clinical practice whilst also having an involvement in short trips of vision charity work in China,Vietnam,Cambodia and Peru. He is a vegan and is passionate about running, swimming and cycling. Chris aspires to continue contributing to eye health in countries less privileged than ours for as long as he lives!

Dr Lyndon Chea

Bio coming soon